WOW Them With Email Marketing!

Want to keep customers and prospects coming back time and time again? Then email marketing is the way to go with professional, eye-appealing communications to help you stay in touch and build those kind of customer relationships that will last a life time. PLUS, it's cheaper and faster than snail mail and more effective than regular email.

Get More Referrals

Newsletters are easy to create and those individuals you want to touch will be more receptive to receive them and share them with friends, family and colleagues with the kind of information they enjoy reading like easy how to's, helpful hints, informational lifestyle tid bits, contests, discounts and promotions. It shouldn't be about selling but, creating interest, and showing you as a professional in your field. It's easy to turn interested prospects into true loyal customers.

Tracking Responses

With the right email marketing provider, you can track who opens, forwards and resends your emails as well as who clicks on links added to your messages. It's a wonderful way to decipher what "your" people are interested in and help you retain them.


Why A Company Blog Is Important

Blogging is one of the best marketing tool to position your company as an expert in the industry. We know that customers and prospects don’t return to stale or outdated websites. Blogs that are kept current ensure you are maximizing marketing potential.

1. Increase Traffic

It’s a simple concept. The more you blog, the more content there is to index by Google, and the more traffic you generate. Increased traffic gives you more opportunity to convert that traffic into business. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your web footprint. There is no ceiling on the amount of traffic to your website! Blogging moves your ranking past stale and static websites – putting you out in front and increasing your exposure, name or brand recognition, and visibility. It takes time and won't happen over night but the results will be remarkable. If you have followers through Google, you're on the fast track. If you have subscribers as well, don't stop writing great content. They're following because they like what you're writing and will share with friends on other medias that will boost your popularity and ranking even more.

2. Increase Search Rankings

Did you know most traffic to a website comes from “problem-solving” searches – not the name or type of business itself? For example, a customer might search for “types of energy-efficient furnaces”. Try searching for that yourself. You’ll quickly see that blog posts go right to the top of the search rankings. Simply put, blogging will help your site rank higher in search results. Higher rankings put you ahead of the pack in traffic, popularity, and profitability. Google will not give your blog its proper weight in search results until it has been operating steadily for six months. You can make that quicker by really driving lots of traffic from every direction possible so they can't ignore you - but it is VERY hard to do that without getting a good Google ranking first. So the bare minimum is six months and practicality is almost a year.

3. Authoritative Voice

Blogging is an effective marketing tool that creates exposure, recognition, reputation, and credibility. You don’t have to be an expert blogger to market your business. You build your reputation and trust by associating an authoritative, personal, and human voice with your business via current, frequent, and quality blog content. Customers are drawn to the leaders and experts in the business world. What better marketing recommendation is there than a search engine including your website among the top search results?

Blogging is Golden

Unless you have all the business you can handle and are not interested in name or brand recognition, don’t ignore the importance of blogging. Having quality blog content is like having a goose that lays golden eggs of rank, reputation, and revenue.
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The Power of Words

Article writing, blogs and postings on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms are powerful tools when it comes to converting those visitors on your websites into dedicated followers and potential customers.

Offering great content may not be a talent you possess but it’s been proven time and again it has a positive appeal when attracting the masses.  In order to sustain a constant flow of new and repeat traffic, good writing is essential.  Not every one can do it, and hiring the services of a free lance expert could prove your saving grace.

When visitors click on your website or social media platforms, they are looking for an experience.  Giving them more than what they expected will make them come back wanting more.  We all know people can be reactionary at times in their way of thinking.  Providing content that is entertaining, informational, clear and insightful will do wonders for your bottom line.  

A Hallmark card prompts an immediate sale and for the recipient, an emotional experience.  When you invoke human emotion in one form or another into your content, the public responds.



Aritlce/Post Content

Industries excluded are IT, Manufacturing and Engineering for offers of content. Unless a writer has worked or has a degree in these fields, one can not do a blog or website justice in offering creditable material.

The success of any site lies in the maintenance, keeping content fresh, entertaining, visually attractive and as interactive as possible.  The industry standard for word count on articles is 250-350 words. I like to go the extra mile and provide a minimum of 400 words and use a Flat Rate System to make it easier for every one so there are no surprises.

A list of preferred keywords to be used within the posts must be provided in advance by the client.

The standard rate is 1 post per week @$160.00 per month ($40 per post) 2 posts per week @$320.00 per month.  Pricing also includes filtering comments before publishing an article to a blog or newsletter, responding to comments (unless there is a complaint then it will be directed to a contact provided by the client, updating minimal changes client desires (example: adding/deleting widgets, adding holiday graphics, embedding videos, slide shows or pictures etc.) and collecting email data you can use for promotional blitzes and key holiday greetings.

If you wish my services on an on-going weekly basis, including set-up and/or maintenance of an entire social media platform that includes frequent posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and company blog, my fee is $25.00/hr. You set the hours to suit your budget.  It is important that you understand providing quality article content on company blogs a minimum of twice per week and daily creative and responsive posts to social media platforms requires a minimum of 10 hours per week.  I am most willing to negotiate with proven new/start-up companies.

Email Marketing

My services are contracted either quarterly or annually and not month-to-month due to the time and effort involved in setting up a productive email marketing process.  It takes time to segment your database and create lists based on your services and customer's interests. Sending relevant, effective, attractive and targeted messages is like any other marketing effort.  It's not won over night but one customers will be more likely to respond – and more likely to act on.

If just email marketing is your focus, my fee quarterly is $450 which includes a monthly newsletter the first of each month and one additional campaign per month to introduce discounts, promotions, contests or new product announcements.  It's important not to inundate customers unnecessarily with emails or pummel them with constant sale tactics because they get spammed every day and they'll opt-out from receiving anything further from you with a click of a button.  My annual fee is $1,800. 

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons if done right.
  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
  • It supports sales through other channels


Payment is due the first of every month for frequent postings/articles, the beginning of every quarter for email marketing and weekly for annual contracts.  Half down due at the time of signed contract on all projects accept annual agreements whereby two weeks advance payment is requested to reserve placement. Job begins once deposit has been received in PayPal account.  Contract for ongoing posts/articles is month-to-month.  I understand that pay cycles for accounting purposes work within a 60-90 day time frame, however, I am a freelance contractor, keep my rates considerably low and my services are immediate and research is time consuming.

 DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AS I BOOK MY TIME IN ADVANCE.  There is no refund if you simply decide you no longer want my services and/or the design and work has begun.